Making the difference.

Our mission is always.. creating that everlasting piece of music,
that stays with the listener forever.

We empower

EVRST Music creates unique & memorable music for various professional sectors.

Our creative team has over 2 decades of experience with music & multimedia creation. Whether you are looking for traditional score music or futuristic electronic music, we will bring your ideas to life..


Theme parks

Radio, TV & Film



Internet Media

Games & VR


Our services

Composing & production

We write, produce & compose custom music for clients all around the globe. From classical scoring to modern electronic music.

Sound Design

With our very advanced studio equipment and tons of expertise on the subject of synthesis the possibilities are endless!

Audio Engineering

We offer top-notch editing, mixing & mastering services for stereo, surround, game engines & multi sound source systems.

There is a big chance you already enjoyed our work, without even knowing it!

Want us on your new project? We love to inform you about the possibilities.