Rulers of the Seas
New hybrid score takes water dark rides to uncharted waters

We present our new dark adventurous score Rulers of the Seas, a song that initially started as a simple idea for our new demo CD, but as the project became more detailed over time we decided to cut it loose and shape it into a dedicated release. We think it makes a nice addition to our public music catalogue and is the first song in the more darker fantasy cinematic realm of our music styles. The song is structured in a way that it reflects a virtual ride through a dark (water) ride in a theme park, capturing the sound of the old ocean explorers and pirates. Listen on good stereo headphones for full immersion. What do you think of it?

Immerse yourself in a world where the crashing of waves, the creaking of ships and the swashbuckling melodies of pirates come to life.

Listen now

EVRST Music, Webmaster 23 September, 2023
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